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MHB Consultants were recently commissioned by ABLE UK to carry out the design of three culverts at their Marine Energy Park at Killinghome, South Humberside. The park will provide a port facility for the Renewable Energy Sector, particularly Offshore Wind and covers an area of around 900 acres and features over 1,300m of new deep-water quays. The culverts are necessary to convey two watercourses across the site as part of the overall development plan which involves upfilling the site with rockfill and installing various new access roadways.

The culverts comprise of precast reinforced concrete boxes of up to 4m span. Twin box culverts were used for the largest drainage channels. The structural design accommodates full railway and highway loadings as well as loads from self propelled modular transporters used to transport wind turbine components across the site.

MHB services included topographical surveys, site investigation design/ interpretation and full structural design of the culverts and wing walls. MHB are also responsible for preparation of railway design documentation and provision of Principal Designer Services.

Construction of the first culvert was recently been completed with some photographs of the structure below.

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