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The Glasgow Royal Infirmary Footbridge was constructed as part of the Townhead interchange project in 1984.  It is a muilt-span single hollow box girder structure supported on three abutments and eight individual piers.

The structure is a pedestrian footbridge which leads to the Royal Infirmary near the Townhead Interchange (Junction 15) over the M8, crossing over the A803 Springburn Road North and Southbound carriageways and the M8 Junction 15 On/Off slip roads. (See photo of location).

The main scope of works for MHB Consultants was the temporary works design to facilitate replacement of the existing aluminium spherical bearings. The structure was supported by jacking directly from the pier heads at locations where sufficient space was available, and from ground bearing trestles where it was not. (See photos)

MHB also initially carried out condition surveys of the structure (piers, bridge deck and existing bearings) to identify any immediate repairs required before the main work to replace the bearings could be started. (See photos of pier corrosion, areas cut out by Hydro demolition and completed works using a specialist repair concrete)

These initial bearing replacement works started in August 2018 and completed in December 2018.

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