MHB Consultants completed a CAT III checking works as part of the Lincoln Eastern Bypass works for BAM Nuttall. 

The existing embankment on the SPD2 line near Washingborough Road (Lincoln) is to be replaced with a 39m span bridge.  The proposed bridge was to be constructed offline and slid into place on skid rails. 
The checking work included the following;

The existing embankment was to be extended on both sides to accommodate the piling platforms required to install the permanent works piles.  This included slope stability analysis, checking of the construction and removal stages, settlement calculations and working platform designs for various items of plant at various stages of construction and demolition.
The offline bridge construction required the construction of a working platform and temporary piles with concrete pile caps.  A check was carried out on these and the skid rails and shoes used to slide the bridge into place.  The bridge slide was modelled using Strand 7 Finite Element Analysis.
We also carried out the design of four temporary platforms outside the extent of the works to enable monitoring works to be carried out.  These comprised granular fill platforms retained by sheet piles with access stairs to two of the platforms.
MHB completed the checking works in early 2017.  The bridge slide was successfully completed in late October 2017.

Watch the footage by clicking the link below. Video courtesy of Bam Nuttall