As part of the Stirling/Dunblane/Alloa (SDA) electrification works, the existing footbridge at Stirling station between platforms 6 and 9 (which is listed) is to be removed and then reinstated.

The footbridge is to be removed and refurbished and will be returned to site in approximately 1 year.

When the footbridge is removed, temporary propping is required to the station building beams which are currently supported from the footbridge superstructure.

MHB designed the temporary propping to the station building façade, temporary footbridge foundations, temporary hoarding and piling platform to facilitate the removal of the footbridge and the installation of the permanent works.

The footbridge was removed on 2 September 2018.
The remaining works are ongoing but here are some pictures from the site to show the footbridge being lifted out for its makeover!

Photos and video are taken by our Senior Engineer, Gillian Pettigrew.