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Part of the Stirling, Dunblane & Alloa (SDA) electrification scheme involves installation of overhead line equipment (OLE) inside Kippenross Tunnel. The 554m long tunnel, which was constructed in 1848, is located just south of Dunblane Station.

To allow electrification of the tunnel, steelwork support brackets are to be installed at a number of locations along the crown of the tunnel arch, which will carry the contact wire.

Services provided by MHB included design of the anchors which will attach the OLE support brackets to the tunnel lining and inspections of the brickwork and sandstone masonry of the tunnel lining prior to installation of the OLE components.

The photographs below were taken during a recent site visit carried out by MHB Consultants on the first day of a 9-day blockade during which wiring is installed.

Client - PBH Rail/Costain

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