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MHB Consultants designed the strengthening works for an embankment shoulder on the Highland Line above the River Garry. The works consisted of steep soil face to allow the removal of a 10m long, 2m high deteriorated retaining wall.

Our design considered the impact of the proposed work on the track and its support zone. The flexible facing material and nail lock off loads were carefully selected to allow achieving the slope face profile and minimising the soil lateral deformations so as not to affect the tracks.

This project allowed the client to safely decommission the old deteriorated structure and replace it with strengthened earthwork. This removed the need for regular structural inspection visits, which was welcomed by the client. 

All works was successfully completed by the QTS Group in late 2018 via a series of weekend disruptive possessions.

Our Principal Engineer, George Marjane, visited the site to see what the finished works looked like, if you'd like to see George's video we've uploaded it for you. I hope George wore his wellies!

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