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On 19 February 2020 Network Rail issued an instruction for an emergency response following movement of a 6m high embankment at Edenbridge, Kent, resulting in a loss of track geometry. The site was between Edenbridge Town Station and Hurst Green.

MHB Consultants was approached by Catenary King to design all temporary and permanent works and to assist with the emergency repairs.

Following the slip at Edenbridge all parties worked collaboratively to accelerate the design process, this enabled a permanent solution to be designed and installed on-site within weeks of the event occurring.

Failure to respond in this manner could have resulted in further failure of the embankment and possible undermining of the railway tracks as experienced further up the line previously in December. See link to Network Rail Media Centre showing photos of that site here.

In the immediate days following the incident, a 24m long x 10m deep sheet pile wall was constructed from track level at the crest of the embankment and a berm consisting of stone filled tonne bags was constructed at the toe. This was necessary to protect Network Rail assets whilst a permanent design could be developed.

The permanent design required the installation of a King Post Wall along the toe of the embankment which would allow the embankment slope to be regraded. The king post wall measured 50m in length and consisted of driven 7m long universal columns installed at 1.5m centres infilled with 4m long sheet piles. To facilitate the construction of the King Post Wall, a temporary piling platform was also installed.

Due to the emergency nature of the works, the design was split into 5 separate phases which enabled works on site to progress ahead of the complete design package being finalised.






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