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Welcome to MHB Consultants

We are an engineering design consultancy specialising in the following:

  • Bridges & Structures
  • Civil & Geotechnical
  • Temporary Works
  • Land Surveying
  • Land Quality Services

With our head office in the centre of Glasgow, and regional offices in Edinburgh and York, the consultancy provides technical services to clients including construction firms, transport agencies, local authorities, engineering consultants and private clients in Glasgow, Scotland and throughout the UK.




& saving money

for our clients




The speed and professionalism of MHB is a marked contrast to the service provided by others.

Stephen Murray, CP5 Framework Delivery Partner

Excellent company to work with. I find MHB to be willing to work with the contractor to find practical and workable solutions in often short timescales.

Fraser Boyd, BAM Nuttall

Thank you very much for all the help we received from MHB, we appreciate you turning things around within such a short timescale when you were already busy with other work.

David Harper, Story Contracting

A going places consultancy with highly skilled staff. MHB is a well run organisation with personnel that are very customer focused, friendly and have a good history of delivering on time/budget. I have no problems recommending them to others.

Mark Craig, QTS

I have worked with various members of MHB over the past 8 years and have always found them to be competent, professional, able and responsive. I would always go to them for our temporary works design in the first instance.

Frank Young, BAM Nuttall

MHB is a great consultant to work with, they provide practical design with great understanding of issues in construction.

Ross McCaffer, AmcoGiffen

MHB are professional, pragmatic and collaborative in their approach to all projects, regardless of size or scale. The team are approachable and easy to work with and always happy to discuss any element of design solutions. It is clear that they take pride in their projects, and delivering right first time solutions that meet client requirements.

Craig Robertson, Network Rail

MHB have a highly competent and professional team, all the staff I have engaged with across the business work with an exceptionally collaborative attitude. It is always at the forefront of the MHB staff thinking to devise the most pragmatic, effective and efficient solutions for construction delivery teams to implement.

David Field, Taziker Industrial

I wanted to highlight the high levels of performance and quality in deliverables from MHB.

We held the GRIP5 IDC/IDR with Network Rail. The level of detail provided by MHB in the draft GRIP5 drawing was way above what I’ve seen from any other design before. They’ve developed a 3D model and were able to present and fly around this, which has massively helped client engagement. The details in the drawings include all the little details down to drainage connections, connection details and various sections for more complex elements. It’s the kind of detail we want, but I’d expect this at the F003 submission, not as early as MHB have delivered this. We’ve almost become accustomed to some of these details not being delivered until we see the AFC revision, generally because either myself, or one of our CRE’s has picked up a missing detail during a design review, however MHB are really showing the quality early on.

James Hall, Regional Contractor's Engineering Manager, Story Contracting Ltd

Excellent response time to an urgent request. MHB lived up to expectations and responded well to the usual tricky assurance process that is involved in works on the railway.

Asa Whitfield, Whitfield Construction Services

A very professional service ranging from assisting with budgeted design solutions after a site inspection, to providing specialised contacts that made delivering the job easier for the customer.

John Kennedy, CNG Systems

MHB have risen to these challenges and not only provided the quality of design we have come to expect but have went above and beyond when it comes to providing levels of business service. We are only as good as our partners and you have been a major part of our success story this year. Looking forward to 2021 I hope a semblance of normality will return and we can continue to grow our mutual businesses.

Graeme McInnes, Engineering Director, Story Contracting, Dec 2020

We can now count ourselves fortunate to be one of their clients. The work performed for us by MHB was a true example of no job being too small for such a professional organisation.

Strathaven Miniature Railway

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