Graeme Reid, Senior Surveyor

Graeme Reid

Senior Surveyor

Over 15 years' experience

Topographical Land & Rail Surveys Route Clearance Gauging

OLE Surveys

3D Laser Scanning

Track Monitoring

Setting Out & Data Processing

Hydrographic and Utility Surveys

Graeme has over 15 years in the industry and now working as a Senior Surveyor with a demonstrated history of working on some of the most prestigious projects in the railway industry, from Airdrie to Bathgate, Crossrail, EGIP, SDA & TRU.

That coupled alongside a multitude of nationwide Topographical Land Surveys to become skilled in all disciplines of Surveying, Gauging, 3D Laser Scanning, Track Monitoring, Setting Out & Processing. A strong professional with a forward-thinking attitude & belief that great communication is the base for any project to be successful.

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