As part of the Control Period 6 Framework MHB was commissioned by Story Contracting Ltd to undertake the detailed design of the refurbishment works for structure UB 016/003. The bridge, located in the City Centre of Edinburgh, situated on Gorgie Road, is a simply supported single span half through underbridge which supports the twin electrified tracks of the Edinburgh Suburban Line.

The structure comprises of three separate decks, with only one carrying rail traffic. Each deck comprises longitudinal built-up main girders supporting transverse cross girders and a longitudinal timber deck. The redundant decks comprise wrought iron, with the live deck comprising early steel.

Engineers within the bridges department were tasked with undertaking tactile inspection, providing a prioritised schedule of defects, design of condition led metalwork repairs, timber deck repairs and specification of a new corrosion protection system.

The detailed design works were developed and delivered to maintain condition of the structure and be major maintenance free for a minimum of 30 years.

Other activities undertaken by MHB included topographical surveying and laser scanning of the structure.


Photo courtesy of Story Contracting.