(Above image showing rock catch fences during the works.)


MHB carried out some slope stabilisation works for QTS in 2017.

This project demonstrated how MHB and the project team (including QTS and Network Rail) challenged the Network Rail Standards to recommend an alternative more favourable solution.  

For example, the requirement for a crest drain and toe drain was removed as there were no suitable outfalls on the site without huge expense.

The rockfill material on the slope ensured that it remained stable whatever the weather and, as there had been no reports of track drainage problems, Network Rail was satisfied that this could also be removed from the scope.  This was then written into the Form 001 so that buy in from all parties was noted.

This cost saving approach meant that more projects could be accommodated within the budget for the QTS earthworks framework.

We will always challenge where we see an opportunity to save time and money for our clients.