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MHB Consultants Ltd recently carried out the design of Rock Catch Fences for various sites along the A83 on behalf of Geo-Rope.  

Work to provide protection to the A83 north of Arrochar at the Rest and Be Thankful was extensive and involved mainly catch fences. The client wanted to develop a new type of protection which would be innovative for the A83.  

MHB Consultants designed an excavation adjacent to the road to catch debris falling from the slope above via a large concrete baffle wall in the gully.  The baffle wall was piled into the rock and cast in situ.  The excavation for the debris basin took advantage of a discontinuity in the rock mass.  This allowed 50% of the material to be mechanically excavated, while the rest was drill stitched and then removed.  

The basin was lined in anchors and sprayed concrete to protect the road.  

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